The Original Tooth Fairy Box isn't just a product, it's an experience.

The World's Only Tooth Fairy Box That Automatically Exchanges a Child’s Lost Tooth for a Prize.

* In 2022 the Tooth Fairy visited 79% of homes with children ages 6-12 who lost teeth.



  • No more late-night tooth exchanges.
  • Eliminates the risk of getting caught exchanging a tooth for a prize.
  • Experience once in-a-lifetime moments watching your child open their box to find a prize.
  • Let your child enjoy the magic of being a child for longer.

Using The Original Tooth Fairy Box is as Easy as 1-2-3

Place your child's lost tooth in the box. 


Lock the box and take the removable Key. 


Open the box to find the tooth has been replaced with a prize. 


  • Patent Pending
  • Available for licensing
  • Easy to Assemble
  • No Batteries required
  • Cost effective design
  • Accompanying Children's Book
  • Large potential market
  • No product like it
  • High profit margin

*Percentage based on the 2022 Delta Dental Tooth Fairy poll

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The Tooth Fairy Box isn't standalone. It joins a family of associated products enhancing the value of each box sold!

the Original Tooth Display Box

children's book

Leah's Tooth Fairy Box

the original Tooth Fairy Box will allow parents the ability to collect their children’s teeth. The original Tooth Case will allow parents The ability to dispaly them!

The Original Tooth Case

Memories Worth Cherishing

Key Features

1. Picture Frame: Showcase your child's adorable smile with a personalized photo, capturing the moment when their tooth went missing.

2. Tooth Organizer: The transparent cover elegantly keeps your child's baby teeth organized and in the correct order, allowing you to cherish the memories without any mix-ups.

3. Wall Mount or Tabletop Display: With the built-in stand and wall hanging capability, The Original Tooth Case can be displayed on any wall or placed on furniture like a traditional picture frame.

The Original Tooth Case is the ultimate solution for parents seeking a convenient and stylish way to store and display their child's lost teeth. This innovative case combines a picture frame, display case, keepsake box, and primary teeth organizer into one versatile product.

The Perfect Pairing:

The Original Tooth Case is designed to be a standalone product for those wishing to preserve their child's precious memories. However, it is also the perfect companion to our other two flagship products, The Original Tooth Fairy Box and our children’s book “Leah’s Tooth Fairy Box”. By using these products together, parents can effortlessly collect and store every tiny tooth their child loses and have the delightful storybook telling how the Original Tooth Fairy Box came to be!

Preserve the Magic, Preserve the Memories

Patent Pending | Designed with Love | The Original Tooth Case

Leah’s tooth Fairy box is a children’s book that has a special feature. It is also a tool that assists kids with tooth loss in a fun and interactive way.


Tooth Fairy Box

Rectangle Basic Shape

Book Details:

Rectangle Basic Shape

"Leah's Tooth Fairy Box" is a heartwarming and enchanting children's book that celebrates the uniqueness of every child. Join Leah on her journey of self-acceptance as she navigates the ups and downs of being the last one in her class to lose a tooth. Through the support of her friends and family, Leah discovers the joy of feeling special and prepares for her own tooth fairy experience with a remarkable invention.

Key Features:

Beautifully Illustrated: Each page of this visually captivating book is brought to life with hand-drawn color illustrations by Mihailo Tatic. Vibrant and engaging, the artwork captures the imagination and adds depth to Leah's charming story.

Customizable Tooth Loss Chart: Included in the book is a special tooth loss chart that allows children to track their own teeth lost, making it an interactive and educational experience for young readers.

Fun Facts and Jokes: Discover interesting tidbits and gigglesome jokes about the Tooth Fairy within the book's pages, adding an additional layer of enjoyment and learning.

Written by Dental Experts: The authors of this delightful tale, Paris Vaughn and Brina Vaughn, are dental professionals with years of expertise. Paris, a dentist, and Brina, a dental hygienist, bring their passion for oral health and storytelling to create a unique blend of education and entertainment.

For more information, contact:

Rectangle Rounded Shape

Title: "Leah's Tooth Fairy Box"

Authors: Paris Vaughn and Brina Vaughn

Illustrator: Mihailo Tatic

Format: 8.5" x 8.5", Hard and Soft Cover

Genre: Children's Fiction and Education

Pages: 15

Copyright: TOTFB LLC, 2021

Print ISBN: 978-1-7376208-0-8

eBook ISBN: 978-1-7376208-1-5

Target Audience:

3 to 8 years. Parents, educators, and dental professionals.


"A beautifully illustrated and heartwarming story that celebrates self-acceptance and the magic of the Tooth Fairy. A must-read for every child!" – Gail Whitley -Teacher and Executive function Coach


For licensing information or product information, please contact:

Doctor Paris Vaughn of TOTFB LLC.

Phone: (734) 395-3457


LinkedIn Profile ID: parisvaughndds



Children's book

Leah's Tooth Fairy Box

About the Authors:

Brina Vaughn, RDH and Dr. Paris Vaughn, DDS

Paris and Brina Vaughn are a dynamic husband-wife duo, married for over 15 years, who own a dental practice together. They have three children, two girls, a boy, and an adorable dog.